Linke between Brazil & Ireland




Irish whiskey was first launhed in Brazil by Pernod Ricard in

Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo State




(São Paulo) -  JAMESON Irish Whiskey was first launched by Pernod Ricard Brasil in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo state, on 23 May 2003, backed up by a one million Real investment.  The city was chosen as a test market for Jameson since the region has a night life comparable to any large cosmopolitan city.  It is also the third largest consumer of standard whiskey in Brazil.


According to Carolina Campos, Pernod Ricard Product Manager, and responsible for the Jameson brand, “We are entering the market with a strategy to show the real superiority of Jameson.  We believe in the brand and its potential to conquer a segment of the market for imported standard whiskies”.  The whiskey market is the second category of distilled drinks in terms of sales at the moment, after cachaça.  Jameson is targeting young successful class “A” consumers in the 25 to 35 age bracket who value and enjoy life with their friends.  “Jameson recognises that life can be rushed, but it wants to show its consumers that their attitudes in relation to their own lives do not have to be the same” according to Carolina Campos.


In order to create a climate of suspense leading up to the launch, 50 outdoor-teasers were pasted up around Ribeirão Preto for two weeks.  They included ten different humorous slogans related to time such as “Every morning, 560,000 people forget something when leaving home in a rush” with the web signature   During the publicity campaign more than 1,000 people had a look at the site where the phrases “Why the rush” and “Distilled three times without any rush” were given prominence.


After two weeks the Jameson revelation came with a mega-fest - The Secret Party - that was held on 23 May 2003 at a disused stone mine on the outskirts of Ribeirão Preto.  A mega structure was set up with an elevated platform, a transparent PVC tent, with spaces set apart on different levels together with a DJs tent.  Ultra modern sound and lighting systems were used.  100 people were brought in from São Paulo to set up everything in secret.


There were acrobats in the centre of the tent with the stone mine as a backdrop.  The dance floor was located in front of them, with bars located on either side where bartenders served Jameson until the early hours.  Fireworks added to the festivities.


“We wanted to create something different and amazing, without breaking the climate of suspense that involved the publicity campaign.  We were impressed to see the impact that the party caused and to feel that the launching of Jameson was an unforgettable event for Ribeirão Preto”, commented Carolina.  More than 2,000 people drawn from Ribeirão Preto’s high society attended The Secret Party – many of whom are responsible for influencing public opinion.  This was the group that Jameson wanted to target.


The campaign is being backed up with 3-minute TV programmes  – Jameson Time Out – that are broadcast on the last Tuesday of each month (June to December) showing the “in” spots in Ribeirão Preto, Bauru, São José do Rio Preto and the region.  There are also surprise whiskey promotions at local bars and shops so that people can try the product and adopt Jameson as “my whiskey”.


According to Carolina, the idea is to show that Jameson is a totally different whiskey, due to the fact that it is Irish, and especially because it is distilled three times, which makes it smoother than the other standard whiskies in the market.  Today Jameson is synonymous with the happiness and friendliness of the Irish people.  It is the 9th. whiskey brand most consumed in the world.  It is available in 120 countries and has registered the highest growth rate in sales in its category over the last few years.  SAC 0800-142011.