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(Rio de Janeiro) - Irishman Peter O’Neill (57) is a travel consultant who arrived in Brazil from Ireland 31 years ago for the 1973 Rio Carnival, and stayed.  Before that he lived in the United States, Mexico and Germany.  He worked for nine years with a commercial company in Rio and was an assistant to the Honorary Consul-General of Ireland during that time.  This led to contact with the media, Brazilians planning visits to Ireland, travel agencies and airlines.  He represented Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, for a number of years.  He has drawn up trade reports, organised numerous national day celebrations in Rio (St. Patrick’s Day), and has co-ordinated, on and off over a 20-year period, an Irish stand at Rio’s annual international charity fair, Feira da Providência, in association with members of the local Irish community.  Current activities include the promotion of general and educational tourism between Brazil and Ireland, including support where possible for promotions undertaken by the European Travel Commission for Latin America (São Paulo), and local travel editors.  His publication entitled “1998/99 Survey of Links between Brazil & Ireland” (100 pages) provided the backbone for the research and development of this web site.  Contact






September 2005.